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The Big Mill


Historical overview

A mill from XIII-XIV century, owned at the time of Señores Javier, thr Jaso – Azpilicueta family, parents of St. Francis Javier. Its importance, in addition to wonderful construction, is in its strategic position. 1.5 km from Javier Castle, it formed part of journey for the 'almadías' rafts made from tree trucks moving wood on River Esca, from Roncal moving to Zaragoza and Tortosa. At Javier mill, they had to pay the toll of a tree for each raft, because of the damage to by the millstones caused by rubbing trunks. It was a privilege that the King of Navarre, D. Henry of Albret had given the Lord of Javier as a reward for his constant service. Tradition says it was visited frequently by San Francisco Javier and his brothers in their childhood.

Artistic description

Constructed with ogival arches, this fifteenth-century building stands on the banks of the River Aragon, beside the estate known as 'The Farm' (in the municipality of Liédena). It fell into decay, during the times of absence of Javier's brothers, said to be partly by default, and partly because of the exploitation of its exceptional masonry, little by little it was neglected.

Nowadays the remains a floor construction which one may see different sections. The walls surrounding the mill are complete, although only to even halfway up. The complete ogival archway that remains is one of the marvels of this building that stands out, according to the experts, for the superb quality of its masonry and lime. It also preserves the hole and overflow and a stone stairway higher than the front door.

Thanks to a work camp organized by the municipalities of Javier de Navarra and Murcia San Javier it has been recovered as a recreation area and very pleasant walk.